Post-Quantum Networks Workshop.

Location (part 2): Special event at Real World Crypto 2022 (RWC).

Date (part 2): 19th and 20th of April after RWC2022.

The past years have witnessed the advances of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) as part of the on-going NIST competition in order to provide protection against quantum adversaries. But, one of the most challenging aspects that we are currently facing is how to integrate these algorithms into the networks, protocols and systems that we use today.

The Post-Quantum and Networks workshop serves to bring together the industry, academia and standardization bodies to think about the task of integrating post-quantum algorithms to networks and systems we use today. It aims to think around it from an efficiency, usability, deployability, and privacy perspective. It aims to highlight the importance and challenges of deploying these algorithms into real-world networks, as well as of standardizing these complex cryptographic protocols.

The Post-Quantum and Networks workshop will ran into two parts:

  • A satellite event with the Isogeny-based cryptography school: a lenient introduction to the network protocols, the post-quantum and networks protocols proposals, and the challenges of using Isogeny-Based cryptography with them.
  • A bigger event happening as affiliated event to RWC2022: The first edition of the workshop focuses on current efforts to integrate post-quantum cryptography into protocols by looking at what is proposed for a post-quantum TLS 1.3, DNSSEC or VPNs. It also aims to start the conversation around what challenges are there when putting post-quantum algorithms into secure messaging or TLS 1.3, by holding panels with experts from different areas.

Organizers: Sofía Celi & Nick Sullivan.

The event will be entirely virtual.

This isn’t a place for people to be exclusionary. We’ll use the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy, and follow all the guidelines and policies of the Isogeny-based cryptography school.

The schedule will follow this format (all times are displayed in UTC):

Days Time Event
Daily 1pm - 2.30pm Invited Talk + discussion (in this format) + q&a
Daily 2.30pm - Socializing time

For each invited talk, there will be material shared prior/afterwards which participants can study (videos, blogs or papers).

The socializing times can be used as a time to study together, come up with new ideas or propose paths to explore.

Program All times are displayed in UTC:

Day Time Event Speaker(s)
Monday 1pm - 2.30pm Introduction to the networking protocols: the case of TLS Sofía Celi
Tuesday 1pm - 2.30pm Integrating post-quantum cryptography into protocols: the case of DNSSEC Roland van Rijswijk-Deij
Wednesday 1pm - 2.30pm Integrating post-quantum cryptography into protocols: the case of TLS Douglas Stebila
Thursday 1pm - 2.30pm Integrating post-quantum cryptography into protocols: the case of Wireguard and Signal Thomas Prest and Kai-Chun
Friday 1pm - 2.30pm Challenges of isogenies-based cryptography over networking protocols Sofía Celi and Bas Westerbaan

The event will be entirely virtual.


19th of April (starting at 4pm CEST):

  • Presentation: TLS and Post-quantum cryptography by Sofía Celi
  • Panel: Practical considerations for TLS and Post-quantum cryptography, with:
    • Adam Langley from Google
    • Panos Kampanakis from Amazon
    • Christopher Wood from Cloudflare
    • Benjamin Beurdouche from Firefox/Mozilla

20th of April (starting at 3pm CEST):

  • Presentation: DNSSEC and Post-quantum cryptography by Roland M. van Rijswijk-Deij
  • Panel: Practical considerations for DNSSEC and Post-quantum cryptography, with:
    • Andrew Fregly from Verisign
    • Moritz Müller from SIDN Labs
    • Christian Elmerot from Cloudflare


How to Register

Registration is free; but you must be aware of the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy.

We require that every participant represent themselves by the name that they use for their professional work (this can be a pseudonym that they generally use for their professional work). No participant can impersonate another person.

On the Internet, signing up is cheap. Showing up is hard. Check your calendar to make sure you're free, and block off the dates: commit to participating before you sign up. Do not sign up until you've blocked out the dates in your calendar.

Nevertheless, we understand that things can change. If you have signed up but won't be participating, let us know.

Registration form

Note that you have to provide a valid email address at registration, as subsequent communications regarding the event will be sent to that address.

There are two ways of registering:

  • By using the google form.
  • By sending an email to cherenkov (at) riseup (dot) net, with the following information (* means mandatory):
    • Last Name*,
    • First Name*,
    • email address *,
    • affiliation/institution*,
    • The typed statement: 'I confirm that I understand the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy to be used at the event'*.

You can send encrypted emails for registration and subsequent communications by using PGP. The public key of cherenkov (at) riseup (dot) net can be found here. The fingerprint is: 3D0B D6E9 4D51 FBC2 CEF7  F004 C835 5EB9 42BF A1D6. If you send encrypted emails, first please either send your public key or upload it in a server where it can be publicly found.

We will be using Zoom and Slack.